Business Alliances

Vallourec - France/Dubai Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Stabilizer’s and Crossovers.

Vallourec is the world leader in premium tubular solutions primarily serving the energy markets (oil and gas, powergen). Its expertise also extends to the Industry sector (mechanicals, automobile, construction etc.).With 24,000 employees, sales of 5.6 billion euros in 2013 �?81% from outside Europe �?integrated manufacturing facilities integrated in more than 20 countries and advanced R&D, Vallourec offers its customers innovative global solutions to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century.

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Fluid Systems Inc. �?USA Solid Control Equipments and Panel Screens and Other Consumables.

FLUID SYSTEMS, INC. (FSI) began operations in early 1979 doing developmental and engineering work on solids control equipment and mud handling systems used on drilling rigs. FSI’s Corporate Charter was issued on June 16, 1981. The company has been involved in furthering solids control technology for the oil and mining industries since its inception. The first equipment introduced by the company was a line of mud cleaners (hydrocyclones mounted over vibratory screening equipment) which incorporated the use of linear motion in their design. In the early 1980’s, FSI was one of the first companies to introduce ...

Tercel �?Dubai Drilling Bits, Mill Tooth Ten Tungs Carbide PDC Bits.

Tercel’s tungsten carbide insert (TCI) and milled tooth bits are designed for high durability, increased ROP and optimum drilling performance—each \ manufactured with different bearing designs to suit every drilling application. S Sealed bearing bits employ an improved bearing seal arrangement and lubrication and grease reservoir system to increase drilling hours�?reducing the occurrence of early seal failure. Our open bearing bits effectively withstand...

TD International �?Singapore Coupling for drill pipe and casing tubing.

Tname TKC was derived from Turboscope - Ken Carstensen. Turboscope being the proponent and Ken Carstensen being the inventor and patent holder.The first testing done on the TKC 8rd tubing connection was performed by Harry Sweet & Associates. Since then, numerous successful API testing for premium connections has been performed on the TKC EUE, NU and FCR connections. In 1992, Turboscope transferred all of the TKC assets and the worldwide rights for the use of the TKC product line to TD International. TD International sold the rights for the TKC connections to Threadmasters, Inc.retaining on an exclusive basis, the...

Oil Field Supply �?USA On Shore Drilling Contractors Requirement �?Services Supply Company (Spares, Equipment and Consumables).

Oilfield Supply Alliance (OSA) specializes in the supply of oilfield equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry. OSA’s custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their well activities. Whether Customers are constructing, operating, maintaining or upgrading wells, OSA is able to provide solutions that make a positive impact. OSA has the personnel and experience to ensure that our Rig and equipment packages...

Korosi Specindo �?Indonesia Corrosion Monitoring Equipment and Service

Korosi Specindo was founded in 1994 to provide a complete range of corrosion monitoring equipment and service to the Oil & Gas industries. The company manufactures Access fitting, probe, coupon, retrieval equipment and corrosion data logger. Our products are completely interchangeable to existing two inch and one inch system and we stand behind our product because we design, manufacture and test them thoroughly before we ship them out.

Fender Tec �?Netherlands Marine Rubber Fenders.

Fender Tec is the specialist in marine rubber fenders. We have more than 50 years�?experience in producing various technical rubber products and specialize in manufacturing marine fenders for the protection of portsides, loading bays, tugboats, workboats and other vessels. Fender Tec has standard marine rubber fenders available, but custom-made products can also be provided according to customer requirements, produced with the best quality rubber. All rubber marine fenders can be cut into different lengths, drilled or pre-curved as required.

Logan International �?Dubai Fishing Tools �?Junk Baskets & Scrappers.

The Logan Sup-R-Jar is a double-acting hydraulic drilling jar capable of delivering a heavy impact, when a bottom hole assembly becomes stuck. Designed with simplicity and quality in mind; the tool is effortless to assemble easy to dress and extremely durable. The Sup-R-Jar Drilling Jar can withstand common drilling conditions for long term use (i.e. torque, pump pressure and temperatures up to 350˚F). High temperature packing rated 450+ degree is also available upon request. Its ability to temperature self-compensate.

Jindal Drilling Limited �?India Directional Drilling MWD/LWD Logging Services.

Jindal family embarked into business activity long back in 1952. The first venture of the Group, Jindal India Ltd., was set up in Howrah, for manufacture of Mid Steel, ERW and Black Galvanised steel pipes/tubes. Jindals are the first and foremost manufacturers of steel pipes and tubes in India. They are also the first to set up fully indigenously designed pipe and tube plant in India. After establishing lead and consolidating their position in steel pipes/tubes, they diversified into tea plantation in 1980, the manufacture of Partially Oriented Polyester Filament Yarn(PFY) in 1985, Casing Pipes in 1987, Photofilm in 1987, Off Shore Oil Drilling in 1989 and Seamless Pipes in 1992.

Coretrax �?UK Wellbore Clean-up, Wellbore Abandonment Services and Filtration Services.

Established in 2008 with new, purpose-built headquarters in Aberdeen, Coretrax is now a thriving and well respected international business with offices opened in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Kurdistan. With operations in UK, Africa, Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East, Coretrax has built up a comprehensive track record with many years of proven field experience and specialist knowledge.

Germini �?USA Wellhead Equipment and Well Servicing Products(Casing Head, Chokes and Valves).

Gemini Synergies & Solutions is the preferred source of equipment supply. Through tough negotiation techniques and actively leveraged buying power. In addition to general equipment, Gemini Synergies & Solutions also offers a wide range of supplies and equipment. Blowout Preventers (BOPs) Downhole Drilling Equipment, Drilling & Production Equipment, Flowline Connections, machine Shop Facility Pressure Control Equipment, Subsurface Production Equipment, Valves �?Gate, Valves �?Ball, valves �?Frac, Valves �?High Pressure/High Temp, Wellhead Equipment, Well Servicing Products.

Norbar Tools �?UK Torque Tools for Application in the Oil

Norbar are the world’s foremost specialist in torque control and we are engaged solely in the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment. Our customers include manufacturers and engineering services in such diverse sectors as aerospace, energy, oil and gas, mining and sub-sea. We operate sales and service branches in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and India. In addition, we have distributors of our torque control products in more than 60 countries around the world.

Sorbead �?India Absorbents, Desiccants and Catalyst for Refineries

SORBEAD INDIA truly specializes in “Absorbents & Desiccants�? The company was founded in 1996 by Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar, with an aim and dedication to serve the demanding needs of the market in protecting products against the damaging effects of moisture & Humidity. We offer one of the broadest and diversified spectrums of Desiccants & Absorbents. Our understanding of product applications and extensive industry expertise enables us to...

Rolec �?UK Marine Service Equipments.

Rolec Global Marina Services is a division of Rolec Services Limited, and is firmly established as the world’s leading specialist in the design, supply and installation of service on marinas, harbours and waterfront locations. 20 years experience in the industry and the world’s largest range With over 20 years experience in the industry and the world’s largest range of marina service equipment, Rolec is well-placed to deliver superior quality marina services solutions to any marina development or refurbishment that you be undertaking.